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Bank Tochka is the best bank for entrepreneurs. It is a member of Otkritie financial group (top 35 largest companies in Russia).

Objective and solution

“Tochka” Bank has an affiliate (“bring a friend”) program allowing you and your referral for receiving bonuses from the bank. This way all three parties get their benefits. 

We had a goal of increasing the customer base of the “Tochka” Bank.


Promotional website of the affiliate program of the Tochka Bank


We started with considering why people recommend brands at all. First of all, people recommend unique goods and services. Also people recommend brands expecting to receive considerable bonuses from them inspiring customers to “sell” a product or a service down the line. Alternatively, brands can get recommended if they ask about it.

The Bank was not ready to give out BMW cars for recommendations, so we had to cross out the second option. What comes to being unique, “Tochka”’s customer service is astonishing and we are in no position to educate them in this field. So, we decided to stick to the third variant and ask “Tochka”’s customers to recommend the Bank to their friends.

That's how the project  “Hey, Andrey!” appeared.

About the project

The key element of the – website is a video with the Bank’s employee that calls the customer by the name and asks to recommend the bank. Using the customer’s name creates a desired wow-effect and leaves a feeling of a personal contact, therefore the customer will be glad to follow our request and repost the info.

This mechanic works the following way:

You get redirected to a website showing a video that starts with the words “Hey, Andrey!” (to simplify let’s just imagine that you are Andrey). A lady in the video asks you to recommend the Bank to your friends. How could you possibly refuse? You click the “Share” button and on your social network account appears a message”Andrey and “Tochka” prepared a great offer for you!”.

An interested friend of yours will click the link and go the website where the same lady will explain her or him why Andrew (yes, for every customer posting the link there will be a special video) recommends “Tochka” Bank. It is convincing, so the friend will enter his phone number and become the Bank’s customer.


The project “Hey, Andrey!”

So, what’s the trick?

It’s simple. The first contact of our website always happens with the Bank’s customer, so we know her or his name, email and online bank account. That’s why we are able to send her or him a link to the personalized page by email or by message in the online bank.

We shot more than 30 videos (like “Hey, Andrey!”) for each unique name of the Bank’s customer and the same number of videos for their referral links (like “Andrey and “Tochka” prepared a great offer for you!”).

The cherry on top of that is the voice of the Bank’s employee. We did our best to find a tender but confident female voice. The voice that will softly persuade the customer to share the link. And we chose the voice-over actress Tatyana Shitova, who dubs Scarlett Johansson and voiced Yandex voice bot.


The promotion site was appreciated not only by customers, but also by Tagline - our project received silver in the Performance Marketing category for "The best use of eCRM".


Promotional website “Hey, Andrey!”
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