Tekta Group is a Russian full-service development company specializing in projects of complex residential development. The company has been on the real estate market since 1999. During this time Tekta Group has sold over 7,000 apartments and settled about 10,000 new settlements.

Tekta Group contacted us to prepare presentations for its two projects.


Make presentations about two residential complexes of the company to send the presentations to clients by e-mail.

We just launched the project Presentations : Overnight to solve such problems.

Presentation "NOW. Quarter on the waterfront"

Tekta Group provided us with text and photo material about the residential area and we got to work quickly. First we prepared a key visual and coordinated it with the client, then we gathered the whole presentation and corrected what the client thought was necessary. 

Key visual - in our case it is a key visual image, which is the basis of the presentation: a system of fonts, grids to place elements on the sheet, graphic materials, photo style, iconography, infographics.

A special place in the work was given to creating a layout for editing in PowerPoint (originally we prepare presentations in Figma).

It took no more than 24 hours from the moment the key visual was approved to the first approval of the presentation.


Presentation "Mayakovsky"

The speed and quality of work on the project NOW so liked the client that we were commissioned to create another presentation about the residential complex "Mayakovsky", which remained unsold apartments.

The client had a couple of ideas about what a presentation for a residential complex should look like, so we prepared several variants of key visual at once.

Presentation cover slide

First / second option

arrow-compare-left.svg arrow-compare-right.svg

Public spaces

First / second option

arrow-compare-left.svg arrow-compare-right.svg

Apartment layout

First / second option

arrow-compare-left.svg arrow-compare-right.svg

The choice was made in favor of the second option.

Then we made a presentation and passed it on to the client.


Landau continues to work on a new direction - Overnight express presentations.

If you have a project presentation waiting for you - leave a request and we will help you with this task!

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