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PIK Group is one of the leading development companies and the largest developer in Russia according to Forbes.

We have been providing design support for PIK Project since 2018.

Website development for BIMTeam bureau

BIMTeam Bureau is a project unit of the PIK group, which needed to have its own website developed.

The main goal of the website was to attract new employees to the BIMTeam team. The work is remote, so it was important to clear up future applicants’ doubts regarding working conditions and the degree of involvement in the process.

We designed the landing page in accordance with the client’s requirements. A separate section was devoted to information about what conditions the company offers for future employees. The site design was concise, but in order to give it even more expressiveness, we added microanimations.


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PIK internship

Our task was to create the design of a new promo website for PIK Academy.

The website is aimed at students, graduates and young professionals who are eager to gain experience and new knowledge. What kind of experience could be better than a paid internship at PIK Design Bureau? Moreover, the best students have the opportunity to be hired in the company.

We developed the design using the corporate identity style of PIK Academy. Sections of the website are devoted to information on internships and opportunities for future interns, as well as the number of classes and the time allotted for practical training.

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Letter design

In addition to working on the website, we prepared a letter for the mailing list intended for students of PIK Academy.

Letter design

Website design for the grocery store Balchug


Gastromarket Balchug is a new business direction of the PIK group. We were trusted with the design for its website.

By the time the work started, the gastromarket had already had an existing logo as well as the corporate identity that we used when designing the pages of the website.


Information on the corners and the menu of the gastromarket was placed in separate sections on the website, and we designed the “Events” block, which houses news publications and announcements of the market’s upcoming events.

Website design for the Gastromarket Balchug
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