Kitfort is a brand of household appliances for the kitchen and home.

1. Joint project with Kitfort for promotion on

We have prepared a landing page for promotion of robotic vacuum cleaners of Kitfort brand. 

On the page we have placed interactive blocks with the help of which the user can learn more about the functions and benefits of vacuum cleaners.

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2. Kitfort brand preparation for placement on AliExpress

This story is about how we prepared Kitfort home appliance brand to be placed on AliExpress. We created more than 70 landing pages, their mobile versions and awesome content for key pages

Introductory task from the customer, problems, goals

It all started at the end of February 2017, when our good customer Kitfort agreed with AliExpress about placement of their goods.

It is worth noting that the brand’s chances seemed good then (but in fact, it turned out to be even better): excellent design, economy segment, high audience loyalty.

The guys from Kitfort shared this information with us on their first call about this project. Everything is cool, a lot of work, an interesting and unusual task, a great customer, if it wasn’t for one thing: the goods are already on their way to Ali's warehouses, and we need to finish work in just a month! Well, as they say, we'll find a way out – with luck or without. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

Description of the case realization and the creative path to find the optimal solution

Having familiarized ourselves with the store’s guidelines, we started to develop a master landing. In order for the work to go faster, we decided to create a single structure that would give basis to the remaining 75 landing pages to be built.

The result was something like this: first, we attract buyer’s interest with a spectacular image of the product and a clear message, then we talk about functional values ​​and do not forget about the design, then round it off with characteristics.

This way we have 4-6 nice blocks with concise copyright content.


Kitfort brand preparation for placement on AliExpress

Collaboration results

Having created the master landing and coordinated it with the client and Aliexpress, we created its adaptive presentation. Then we began a long and painstaking work on the remaining 75 landing pages.

We study the product, understand its strengths and weaknesses, figure out how to sell it in 15 seconds while the customer is on the product’s card, design, adapt ... And repeat it 75 times!

Here we tactically keep silence about a bunch of additional manipulations, for example, preparing images of the goods and cutting the landing page into slices following Ali's guidelines.

We also took a photo


What is the result? Kitfort brand products are being sold on AliExpress by hundreds a day. How much of it is our merit? We do not know, but we are sure that some part of it is ours.

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