Utair is a large Russian airline.


Participation in the tender for dynamic design support for 2020.

In November 2017, the airline began a large-scale rebranding of all aspects of the interaction between the brand and the passenger. In 2018, the airline held a major advertising campaign, “The place where they are waiting for you,” in order to increase brand awareness. In 2019, the main vector of Utair development was the development of the product and real life services.


Communication channels with the passenger through the product and services requires dynamic design support, design development for:

  • printing production;
  • outdoor advertising surfaces, mobile stands;
  • Internet banners, online postcards, online newsletters;
  • special Utair brand carriers.

The task

  1. Design a mock-up of an illustrated postcard for Victory Day.
  2. Create a layout for the opening of a new flight direction to Omsk in the format of a printed publication line.

Work progress

The company’s specialists held a few brainstorming sessions, as a result, a couple dozen ideas were generated for each point of the task.

The shortlist included the following:

  • The slogan "Watch the fireworks with your loved ones," as a proposal to fly to their home city during May holidays.
  • Transformation of the slogan “The place where they are waiting for you” to “The place where they have waited to see you” to advertise the new flight direction to Omsk.

The presentation was put together and submitted to the jury.


Magazine draft lines
Draft postcards
Magazine lines shortlist
Postcard shortlist
Postcard shortlist

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