Eduson is the leading online corporate training service in Russia.

Since 2013 Eduson has helped to train 223 thousand employees of such companies as Rostelecom, Mercedes-Benz, PIK Group and others. The company is constantly developing and has made its way from simple video lectures to courses in VR. 

We work with Eduson in the field of design support.

The "Learn from the Best" project

The company invited interesting business speakers together with EuroСhem, and we prepared posters representing the speakers. We focused on the personality of the coaches, which included Itzhak Adizes, Timothy Enneking and Alexey Kapterev.


Administrator Manual for Mercedes-Benz

We have prepared a multi-page manual (69 pages) on using Eduson training platform for Mercedes-Benz RUS.

We tried to make the manual as clear as possible, provided it with a lot of images of the interface with instructions and interesting illustrations so that the reader will not get bored.


The full version of the manual can be found on our website


In addition to large projects, we helped the company with promotion: made banners, posters and templates for mailing lists.

Banner resize for Eduson
Banner design for Eduson
Design support for Eduson
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